Business is like flying - either you keep moving or you fall down.

The world's market structure is changing rapidly and companies are increasingly facing challenges that are redefining business and processes. The word "Change" has acquired considerable significance in the last few years, and it has not left out the "Management". In fact change has revolutionized the concepts of management. But change is a challenge that has to be embraced by everyone. When you are equipped with the ability to predict change, it's never a spanner in the works. It's rather a process of growth. An impetus that helps you to rework your strategies and processes and cope with the change.

I do believe in people and their abilities. In order to grow and flourish, employees need to be cared for within the right environment. An environment that is rich of experience, alive with energy and ablaze with passion.To me, an employee is not just a part of the workforce, but an individual with skills that need to be nurtured. It is my intention to give the workforce ample opportunities to develop their skills through training, participating in decision making and knowledge sharing, but taking on responsibility for their actions at the same time. Based on that, very often suggestions made at the grass root level have been implemented with considerable success. The transfer of technical know-how and management knowledge is not only my job, but my mission.

Leaders, I believe, are not paid to make the inevitable happen. They have to deliver results. They should provoke thought, inspire creativity, foster co-operation by giving employees a common sense of purpose, strengthen leadership and work together in an open minded, trustful environment to shape the future positively. Today's organisational structure calls for delegation of powers down the line, so that authority comes with responsibility.

In many years of managing people I have realized that it takes more than mission statements to make things happen. It needs trust-building measures, honesty, reliability and tenacity to guide the process of change that is crucial to success.